TV / Radio / Media Compliance Recording

State-of-the-art Logger System for TV / Radio Broadcast stations, agencies, editorial offices and media merchants to monitor, record and analyze broadcast media content

Requirements for Broadcast Logger System

As a buyer seeking a broadcast logger solution for your organisation you have no doubt been confronted with a wide range of choices and systems available to you. Filtering and finding the right solution is a challenge
As a buyer if you are searching for the following capabilities then look no further:

  • Integrated live audio & video acquisition, playback and recording
  • Range of video qualities including SD, HD encoding in H.264, H.265
  • Distribution to enterprise networks, media players and CDNs
  • Multi-screen playback on smartphones, tablets, PCs and Smart TVs
  • 24/7 autonomous recording, with automated fail-over and Disaster Recovery
  • Searchable video and metadata to retrieve content quickly
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) content metadata integration
  • Ability to create catch-up TV and on-demand playback services
  • Integrated media players with no plugin installation
  • Enterprise level security support for Active Directory or LDAP
  • Scalable to 100’s of channels with low incremental costs
  • Open architecture to allow integration with your applications
  • Maximum Return On Investment – operates across multiple departments
  • A solution that grows with your organization

With the future built in

All buyers want to make the right investment and the right decision for their organisation. In the ideal world everyone wants to buy solutions that evolve and grow their organisational requirements and never have to be fully replaced. XentauriX Broadcast Logger systems is continuously upgradeable both in terms of hardware and software through minor incremental investment, protecting both your organisations initial investment in XentauriX systems and your peoples operational procedures, knowledge and training. Having to replace or switching digital recording systems is a costly exercise both in terms of capital expenditure, peoples time, lost productivity and knowledge.”

Our Logger Systems employs this ethos and since our inception in the year 2000 our customers have grown with us and we have worked in partnership to evolve both their businesses, whilst meeting the continuous market demands. As a potential buyer, you will have the peace of mind that your investment will continue to deliver value for many years to come.