Media Supervision

XENTAURIX systems have proven themselves in legal broadcasting media monitoring through excellent functionality and modern content analysis.
Observing competition. Tracking of broadcasts time-shifted. What is your competitor publishing?
Among other things, the Media Regulatory Authorities are responsible for monitoring broadcasting programs licensed by them as well as the online audiovisual broadcasts available on the Internet with regard to compliance with media law requirements. In particular, they check whether the electronic media content complies with the statutory provisions on the protection of minors in the media, advertising and general programming principles.

Program monitoring

The Media Regulatory Authorities monitor programs on TV, radio, online broadcasts and websites and also follow up on information from listeners, viewers and users who have become aware of problematic content in the electronic media.

Content analysis with artificial intelligence

XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger systems are used to monitor broadcast programs and online social media content. These systems record the channels to be monitored 24/7, time-controlled or automatically including all metadata. The program analysis is carried out manually and / or automatically by using audiovisual content analysis with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

Content Monitoring of Social Media Livestreams

Live streams from social platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram are becoming more and more important as their content reaches cross-countries as well as specific and large target groups. Whether current news, games, topic content, entertainment advertising, etc livestreams are also used to stream racial, propagandistic, sexistic, terroristic and violent content. The livestreams offer a multitude of interesting and relevant information as well as audiovisual information that can be evaluated according to certain criteria. In order to analyze the live content, a system of monitoring, recording and AI-based analysis is required.

For this application artec technologies AG from Germany offers the XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logging Systems as well as a Cloud Service for media supervision authorities, media monitoring agencies up to law enforcement agencies e.g. federal polices, intelligence services or state security authorities.

In house systems, cloud service or its combination

Media companies use identical XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Loggers system to be compatible with each other, exchange clips, use audiovisual online broadcasts and artificial intelligence based content analysis additionally via the XENTAURIX Cloud Service.

Observing competition. Tracking of broadcasts time-shifted. What is your competitor publishing?