Social Media Recording

Monitor, record and analyse social media live streams.

Monitoring System for the Surveillance of Social Media Live Streaming Channels

Increasingly, social media platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, SnapChat, TikTok and Instagram are being used for live streaming of interactive content. The significance for video marketing is immense, especially since the prompt reaction to user comments increases the popularity of livestreams many times over compared to video-on-demand.

Livestreams are also used for the distribution of right-wing extremist, racist and even terrorist content.

Therefore, interested parties for the XENTAURIX Social Media Recording System are recruited from the fields of media monitoring, market research, media companies and even security organisations from the public sector such as the Federal Criminal Police Office, the Federal Intelligence Service and the Office for the Protection of the Constitution.

XENTAURIX systems or the XENTAURIX Cloud Platform are used to monitor and analyse live streams and / or the recorded streams. The XENTAURIX system automatically visualises livestreams on monitors as soon as the monitor is started – at the same time the transmission is recorded. Using the Instant-Replay function of the XENTAURIX Web Player, clients can navigate between live and recorded streams to directly create and forward video clips and SnapShots including comments.

Catch-Up TV, weltweit Multi-Kanal mobiles Streaming, in der Cloud speichern, Wiedergabe zeitversetzt

Monitor, record and analyse websites

Websites can also be monitored, recorded and analysed with the XENTAURIX system. The recording takes place at cyclical intervals, depending on the scope of the web pages. Tracking makes it possible to track changes in the pages; pages deleted by the provider can be called up in the records.