Catch-Up TV

Worldwide access to Live TV / Web TV with seamless switching to time-shifted playback.
Catch-Up TV, worldwide multi-channel multimedia broadcast streaming, storage in cloud, multiscreen

Time-Shifted Playback

During Catch-Up TV operation, the Instant Replay function plays an important role. This offers the possibility to switch directly from the live signal to the playback mode. TV broadcasts can thus be followed at any time live and time-shifted. Footage are available via EPG data, calendar, bookmarks, sliders and even the storyboard.
The recordings are streamed from one or more storage servers directly to the devices. Depending on the storage capacity, the timeshift time can be hours, days or even months.
Streaming technologies such as HLS, Dash are used to achieve the best possible streaming quality.

Catch-Up TV & Multiscreen

Catch-Up TV can be used on various end devices, i.e. Smartphone, Tablet, Notebook, PC, Smart-TV, Set-Top Box – independent of the operating system. The prerequisite for this is the support of web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari. This is made possible by usage of the HTML5 dashboard with multiplayer.