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Media & Broadcast Logger

TV / Radio / Video Compliance and Content Analysis System

The XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger (XBL) is a professional broadcast recording and compliance system for digital recording and playback of various TV, radio, video and streaming sources including their metadata. Originally designed as a pure video logger, the Media & Broadcast Logger has meanwhile grown far beyond this field of application. It is used as a multi-channel multi-signal video encoder, transcoder, recorder, streaming and web server, multi-screen monitor, to produce video clips, snapshots as well as a search engine and for content analysis.

Processing of multiple Signal Sources

The basic version of the Media & Broadcast Logger provides activatable M/SPTS IP inputs. Optional inputs are available for Analog, DVB-S/C/T, ASI, TS-IP, SDI up to 12G, RGB, DVI/HDMI and Radio FM/AM/DAB signals. Different signal sources can be combined in one device. For DVB and radio applications, the logger has integrated receivers. A DVB receiver contains up to 8 internal tuners. At AM/FM/DAB operation, one receiver card can process and record up to 32 radio stations simultaneously.

The optional X-TS module allows recording of DVB and IP signal sources in native MPEG-TS format. The combination with the H.264/265 Proxy provides frame-accurate editing, cutting and uploading of TS Native video through the low resolution proxy.

With the integrated streaming and web server, MPEG-Dash streams are available on all common stationary and mobile devices with live, instant and time shift function and as VOD.

Media Broadcast Logger System for image + audio transmission in media, radio and television
Social Media Monitoring

Recording of Web Live Streams and Web Sites

The Media & Broadcast Logger records live video streams from web TV as well as from social media channels (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram etc) automatically, manually or time-controlled and can be analyzed. The system also offers the possibility to record and archive complete websites including all subpages or specific websites. You can find more info under News.

Media & Broadcast Logger as Standard and Professional Version

The Media & Broadcast Loggers are available as stand-alone devices with up to 20 channels or in the professional version with a virtually unlimited number of channels. Both versions have hot-swap Raid-based removable hard disks for recording video data. External storage servers can be used instead of the internal memory. The high number of channels in the smallest design saves rack space and energy costs.

Proof of transmission, recording, competition analysis in standard and extended professional version
Proof of transmission, recording, competition analysis in standard and extended professional version

Variety of Application Areas

The Media & Broadcast Logger is used for a variety of different applications and is also used as a multifunctional device, where otherwise several individual systems are required in parallel.

  • TV, radio, video & web streaming monitoring and compliance logging
  • Competition monitoring
  • Media supervision monitoring
  • TV-spot monitoring
  • TV audience analytics
  • AI-based content analysis
  • Catch-Up TV
  • Activity and debriefing recording in Command Centers, Situation Rooms, Training Facilities
  • Social Media Livestream monitoring and recording

Easy operation – User friendly

The modern HTML5-based dashboard with the various templates offers a combination of multiscreen live signal and playback, metadata, clip creation, search functions, storyboard and analysis tool displays on one interface. Layouts can be created individually and stored user-specifically locally as well as centrally. Video clips can be edited quickly and easily via drag & drop, cut frame-accurately and uploaded at the click of a mouse. XENTAURIX HTML5 layouts can be created on black or white background. The versatility of the individual layouts are displayed in the slider view. The Logger creates automatic video clips using SCT35/102 flags and existing as-run-logs, according to EPG data or by timer. Framestore-based recording technology allows clients to switch from live viewing directly to instant replay and create video clips in this mode as well.

With add-on modules, a variety of complementary applications are possible such as audience rating analysis, TV spot monitoring, S2T, AI-based content analysis, multiscreen monitoring, etc. The HTML5-based dashboard supports all common browsers such as Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome as well as all stationary and mobile devices with different operating systems such as iOS, Android or Windows.

Multifunctionality through expansion modules

XENTAURX Media & Broadcast Logger can be extended by a variety of modules, e.g.

Highly Reliable

The XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger is a high-performance monitoring and recording system, with which any number of channels can be recorded in the desired recording duration of weeks, months up to years in the original or in customer-specific quality in 24/7 mode or time-controlled via a timer. The systems are equipped with Raid hard disk arrays and redundant power supply units and can be monitored remotely.

For high availability requirements, the Professional System is available in cluster fail-back design.

High rack density, easy operation, user-friendly, low energy expenditure, for little space