What is XENTAURIX. Use, benefits and advantages of XENTAURIX systems.

XENTAURIX is a versatile recording and analysis platform used in TV, radio, and video fields. It enables functions such as recording, compliance tracking, competitive monitoring, content analysis, editorial research, and clip production. In addition, XENTAURIX systems are also used in educational institutions, training centers, as well as control centers and command centers.

What are XENTAURIX systems used for?

XENTAURIX systems capture, encode, transcode, monitor, index, record and analyze audiovisual signal sources and their associated metadata. The state-of-the-art software architecture and the combinability of software and hardware modules allow for customized adaptation of the systems. The user interface is customizable and intuitively designed. XENTAURIX systems are scalable and can be expanded and modernized as needed. The licensing models are transparent, and there are extensive search and analysis functions as well as secure user management available.

Your benefits from using XENTAURIX systems

XENTAURIX systems have been in use worldwide since 2001 and can be used as an in-house solution, cloud-based, or a combination of both. In addition, the company offers excellent service and support directly from its headquarters. The use of XENTAURIX systems offers numerous benefits for companies that rely on a powerful and flexible solution for their audiovisual requirements.

Interview with artec’s David Smith

 Smith and the XENTAURIX team at the fair.