AI Video Analysis

XENTAURIX systems as well as the XENTAURIX Cloud enables a search in recordings for certain patterns such as objects, faces, logos, signal words etc. on the basis of artificial intelligence – this is done in close cooperation with the Finnish company Valossa.

Audiovisual time-based metadata

Use XENTAURIX / Valossa Core API to tag everything AI sees and hears in the video at every second.

Face recognition, tracking and training

Detect unknown and recognize known faces. Train your own AI for new identitites.


Content moderation

Automatically detect inappropriate sexual, sensual, violent and other unwanted content.


Audiovisual Scene Search

Search clips via audio, visual or spoken content.

Automatic Highlights and Hero Shots

Let the AI automatically generate highlights, video previews and hero shot images from your content, based on user parameters.

Next-gen Video Insights

Analyze and inspect your content structure through dashboard statistics and gain actionable insights.