Training & Debriefing

Audiovisual recording and debriefing system for universities, institutions, medical facilities, and training centers.

The XENTAURIX Media Recorder is a proven recording and debriefing system utilized in training and further education settings. It captures and documents participants’ behavior, events, and activities, along with their interactions. These recordings not only facilitate communication enhancements but also aid in preventive measures, decision-making, and process optimization.

Broadcast of trainings, edit video clips, integrated text search, upgrade analog to digital possible

Monitoring, Recording, Editing, Debriefing

A current example is the application of the XENTAURIX Media Recorder system at the European Space Agency ESA in the European Astronaut Centre in Cologne, Germany. 16 highly-modern video cameras transmit the astronauts’ training in high resolution with lip-sync audio which is being recorded on the logger system. From the recordings new clips with comments can be created which are online accessible to the astronauts and other participants via tablet PCs. The full-text search allows for a directed search for specific trainings’ videos. The high security of investment and being future-proof is guaranteed by the possibility to modernize existing systems with analog cameras through software and hardware upgrades to using HD-SDI (HDcctv) cameras.

Application in Universities

As one example we would like to present the UCD system at University College Dublin where the nurses’ training on dummy patients is documented.

With the help of 360° tilt-cameras and microphones all 32 work stations are watched and controlled by a central video management. The recording at their work station is started by the students by entering an ID number and a working title. The recording takes place locally with a backup on the central server. The recordings are viewed and commented by the teachers. Each student has the possibility to access his training and watch his training process with the comments via LAN/WAN/internet. Alternatively, the student can burn a CD with his videos. The best training sequences are selected by the teachers and made available as exemplary videos.

Application in universities,  medical care, perfect for nurse / doctor training, train the trainer
Multimedia training platform, applicable across industries, personal comments in live broadcast

Cross-Sector Applicability

Possible applications of the XENTAURIX Media Recorder system as multimedia information and ongoing education platform, for example online trainings / online seminars or online meetings, do not end where ordinary video systems have their limitations and features like

  • real-time transmission
  • synchronous audio in hi-fi
  • low transmission bandwidth
  • numerous simultaneous users
  • live image commenting

are demanded.