Advertising Recognition

The XENTAURIX Broadcast Media & Broadcast Logger with the X-Ad software module provides an automated solution for advertising monitoring workflows that streamlines and simplifies the process of detection and tracking. Manual research is no longer required as the system delivers far more accurate and detailed results in the shortest possible time. The logger automatically detects, identifies and stores commercials on TV and radio channels, as well as live streams from social platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch. The recognition rate is up to 99.9%!

Monitoring and analysis

The broadcasts and webcasts are recorded in the XENTAURIX Logger 24/7 over a customer-specific period of days, weeks, months, years and can be verified and analyzed retrospectively at any time via the XENTAURIX HTML5 Dashboard, in particular the connection with commercial breaks and the program broadcast. The dashboard offers a variety of analysis features, statistical displays with filtering such as ad name, channel name, detection period, as well as broadcast and webcast live display and synchronous playback of multiple channels in the multiscreen and storyboard view.

Combination with TV ratings

The Logger offers the possibility to combine TV spot recognition and viewer ratings in order to get immediate ratings feedback. In this way, information on viewer data such as gender, age, viewer migration and affinities is obtained synchronously with the broadcast commercial. The prerequisite for this is the customer’s provision of ratings data such as that from GFK, Nielsen, Gallup, TNS.