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XENTAURIX Cloud Service

Online TV / Radio / Video Recording

You want to record TV channels, radio stations, IP video streams of your choice, analyze, recognize and extract video content, create and upload video clips easily? You want to use a modern technology combined with customer-friendly, intuitive operation, which depends on your workflow? Our XENTAURIX Cloud Service offers online broadcast recording, transmission verification, monitoring, search engine, video clipping, analysis and detection of video content in a single platform.

Video Content Analysis and Recognition

How are video contents analyzed and recognized?
Customer-specific TV / radio or video sources are recorded continuously or time-controlled over periods of 30 days and more including metadata such as program information (EPG), subtitles, teletext. The recordings can be accessed and searched remotely via HTML5 dashboard on end devices such as PCs, notebooks, tablets or smartphones. Bookmarks can be added and video clips and snapshots can be created quickly and easily.

XENTAURIX cloud service, online broadcast recording + analyzing of tv, radio, ip video streams
Record multimedia in compliance with copyright, record and process live streams of web tv and radio

Compliance Recording

The recording process is conform to applicable laws governing the duplication of content and copyrights. The recordings are accessed and streamed to devices such as PCs, notebooks, tablets or smartphones with HTML5 compliant browsers. All recorded material and generated clips can be searched and analyzed. Bookmarks can also be added for better searchability. All recordings can be stored longer than 30 days.

Live Recording of Streams

Livestreams from Web-TV and Web-Radio stations can just as easy be stored, processed and analyzed as live video streams of all kinds of events such as trainings, conferences or long-term video surveillance. Easy to apply features like panoramic views, support of trainings and conferences or the quality of recordings up to HD are customizable.

Analyze and Recognise Video Content automatically

The XENTAURIX Cloud Service offers a number of Video Content Analysis Features:

Video Fingerprinting

A feature called video fingerprinting enables an automatic search for same and similar content helping your company to detect specific content in selected TV channels. This feature can be used to detect copyright infringements or commercials or any other specified content in order to initiate specific actions.

Audio Fingerprinting, Music Recognition

Likewise, our audio fingerprinting tool can be used for automatic music recognition in TV, radio and other streams containing audio signals accessing a music fingerprint library with well over 40 million titles.

Cloud Modules: Video, Audio Fingerprint, plagiarism check, automatic music + advertising recognition
AI-based video analysis, smart media, video production, money making with videos, piracy detection

New! AI-based Content Recognition / Smart Media

The artificial intelligence of XENTAURIX turns audiovisual data into “Smart Media”. AI-based content analysis recognizes faces, sexes, facial expressions, objects, sports, places, brands, scenes, audio sounds, colors, has integrated speech recognition and much more. This form of advanced content analysis offers significant added value to the media industry by making video production easier to use and opening up new ways to monetize digital content.

Analysis of TV Rating Figures

Of special interest to TV broadcasters is a deep and informative analysis of TV ratings. Our XENTAURIX Cloud offers this tool and provides clear overviews and detailed information on station and target group comparisons as well as audience spread, affinity, audience flow analytics from one TV station to another. Data collected by GfK, Gallup and TNS are automatically imported and processed by our XENTAURIX system. Clear and concise diagrams and views help to present TV quote histories. They can be shown in realtime, fast forward and backward mode. Up to 6 video players can be used in conjunction with the viewership analysis diagrams, allowing a combined comparison of TV recordings with their respective TV rating figures.

TV rating figures, visual tv consumption diagrams, quota histories, fast  video stream comparision
TV search engine, easy  to create video clip, visualized story boards with preview, catch up service

TV Search Engines, Video Clips and Storyboard

Our full-text search allows to search, find and play recorded program content accurate to the second. It is very easy to create video clips and to combine, store and export them. In combination with SCT35/102 flags, As-Run-Logs, EPG data or by Timer automatic clips can be extracted. The search of content can be run across all or selected channels as well as across defined periods. A storyboard with thumbnail previews can be displayed while play-back is running. It can also be shown in full-screen mode. The combination of multiple TV channels on one screen allows for a clear and tidy broadcast content comparison and is optimal for searching, TV monitoring and TV competition analysis.

OTT Service, Content repurposing

We supply you with live and catch up TV streams including all metadata. HTML and Web-APIs are provided for customer specific integrations.

Mobile Video

We provide an HTML5 dashboard for serving mobile video queries via smartphones and tablets of any manufacturer. We certainly can create customer-specific multiscreen user interfaces, should this be required.

Save on Costs using our XENTAURIX Cloud Service!

No need for costly and complex onsite systems with receivers, signal distribution and storage server. Free your IT-staff for other strategic tasks and save on energy consumption. Save your company the investment cost as well as maintenance or any other operating costs incurred by an onsite system. Adding or removing TV, radio or video channels is possible at any time. Most common features are being updated and added to your account as they become available. Other features can be booked to add even more value and functionalities. If your company doesn’t need the service anymore, simply notify us and the service will stop after an agreed period of time.

XENTAURIX Cloud Data Centre

Our Video Cloud-Data Centre is equipped with several satellite dishes for the reception of TV channels from Europe and the Middle East. The data center has a redundant >20Gbit/s connection to the Internet.

Mobile video cloud service, multiscreen interface, safe cost,  secure + reliable cloud data center

Your Benefits:

  • No investment costs, no operating costs for rack space, electricity and air-conditioning
  • Highest availability through system redundancy and multi-carrier access to high-performance networks
  • High security level due to VPN connection
  • Word wide accessible

Disadvantage: Depends on the Internet performance – especially on the client side