XENTAURIX Cloud Service

Online TV / Radio / Video Recording

You want to record TV channels, radio stations, IP video streams of your choice, analyze, recognize and extract video content, create and upload video clips easily? You want to use a modern technology combined with customer-friendly, intuitive operation, which depends on your workflow?

Our XENTAURIX Cloud Service offers online broadcast recording, transmission verification, monitoring, search engine, video clipping, analysis and detection of video content in a single platform.

XENTAURIX cloud service, online broadcast recording + analyzing of tv, radio, ip video streams

Video Content Analysis and Recognition

XENTAURIX triple player with storyboard

How does the analysis and detection of video content work? Our XENTAURIX Cloud Service enables continuous or scheduled recording and analysis of customized TV, radio or video sources over periods of at least 30 days.

Metadata such as program information (EPG), subtitles and teletext are also recorded. The recordings can be accessed and searched from various end devices such as PCs, notebooks, tablets or smartphones via the XENTAURIX HTML5 dashboard. In addition, bookmarks can be set and video clips and snapshots can be created easily and quickly.

Live Stream Recording

With our service, you can not only record live streams from social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, TikTok, Intstagram and SnapChat but also process and save live video streams from events of any kind. Moreover, we provide you with various extremely useful features, such as panoramic view, which are easy to use.

The recordings can be used in many ways, for example, for time-shifted classes at different local sites or simultaneously (which is ideal for companies or educational institutions with multiple branches to train employees). They are also extremely useful for other events such as conferences where people can benefit from supporting digital content. You have the option to customize the recording quality to meet your needs.

Social Media Recording

Multifunctionality through extension modules

The XENTAURIX Cloud Service is customizable according to customer and application requirements. A large number of modules, tools and API interfaces are available for this purpose, and with the HTML5-based dashboard, which supports all common browsers such as Edge, Safari, Firefox, Chrome as well as all stationary and mobile devices with different operating systems such as iOS, Android or Windows, the user interface can be adapted accordingly.

TV search engine, easy  to create video clip, visualized story boards with preview, catch up service

TV Search Engines, Video Clips and Storyboard

Thanks to the integrated, full-text search engine, broadcast content can be found and played back precisely at the second level. Creating, combining, storing, and transferring video clips is effortless. Video clips can be created and exported automatically using as-run logs or by timer.

Content search can be done over all available channels or selected channels as well as over defined time periods. The storyboard with preview images (thumbnails) can be faded in during playback and displayed in full format. By displaying multiple TV channels on one interface, the TV search engine enables a clear comparison of broadcast content – ideal for search functions, TV monitoring and TV competition analysis.

OTT Service

For the realization of your OTT platform we deliver live streams, catch-up TV streams incl. all metadata from one source. HTML and Web API interfaces are available for customer-specific integration.

Easy handling with customized interfaces

The modern HTML5-based dashboard offers a variety of templates that allow a combination of multiscreen live signals, playback, metadata, clip creation, search functions, storyboards and analysis tool displays on a single interface.

Layouts can be customized and stored both locally and centrally for each user. Video clips can be edited easily and quickly via drag & drop, edited with frame accuracy and uploaded with a single mouse click.

XENTAURIX HTML5 player interfaces can be created with a white or black background. Customized interfaces can be created using the Web API interface.

Cost saving

An on-site system with receiving and signal distribution equipment and recording server is not required. This saves investments as well as maintenance and operating costs. The XENTAURIX cloud service can be expanded at any time to include additional TV, radio or video channels and features, and can also be reduced. If the cloud service is no longer needed, it can be cancelled.

XENTAURIX Cloud Data Center

Our video cloud data center has several parabolic antennas that receive TV and radio channels from Europe and the Middle East and also have a premium backbone connection with >20Gbps.

Mobile video cloud service, multiscreen interface, safe cost,  secure + reliable cloud data center

Your Benefits:

  • No investment costs, no operating costs for rack space, electricity and air-conditioning
  • Highest availability through system redundancy and multi-carrier access to high-performance networks
  • High security level due to VPN connection
  • Word wide accessible

Disadvantage: Depends on the Internet performance – especially on the client side