Livestreaming | On-Demand Streaming

Live and on-demand streaming for a wide range of applications.
With the XENTAURIX systems, live and on-demand streaming can be realised for a wide range of applications. This technology has become a powerful tool for sharing audiovisual events, news and information in real time and for reaching a wide audience.

Fast, easy streaming with instant replay function

Live videos as well as video-on-demand streams can be easily streamed to users with smartphones, tablets, PCs and smart TVs. User rights can either be configured via the internal XENTAURIX user database or, alternatively, the AD/LDAP connection allows existing directory services to be used. The instant replay function of the XENTAURIX system enables seamless switching between live transmission and playback. This makes it possible to replay certain passages during the transmission, or even the entire transmission. Depending on user rights, users can also create, edit and upload video clips.

Metadata transmission, customisable player

Metadata such as comments, descriptions, program information, and data from third-party systems can be edited and inserted before and during the transmission and are displayed in the XENTAURIX HTML5 dashboard player. The player is compatible with all HTML5-compliant browsers such as Edge, Firefox, Chrome and Safari and can be adapted to the needs of customers and applications via the XENTAURIX API.

Event streaming and recording, simultaneous transmission and playback. Live TV of multiple channels

Integrated streaming server

The integrated multi-screen streaming server of XENTAURIX is extremely powerful and supports functions such as multibit streaming, unicast and multicast operation. The streaming server can be easily implemented in a Content Distribution Network (CDN). It can be scaled and managed from a single site to multiple sites and optimizes network bandwidth.

Live and on-demand streaming can be realized with on-site XENTAURIX systems (purchase, rental, leasing) as well as via XENTAURIX Cloud.
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Entertainment: Live streaming is used for the transmission of events and entertainment. It allows users to follow regional and national events in real time, regardless of their location.
News and Media: Media organizations use live streaming to broadcast breaking news events, press conferences, political debates and other important events in real time. This allows users to receive instant updates and coverage.
Corporate communications: Companies use live streaming for internal and external communications, ideal for live-streaming staff meetings, training sessions, product launches, investor conferences and other events, even if participants are in different locations.
Education: Educational institutions use live and on-demand streaming to deliver lectures, seminars, workshops and training online. This enables users to participate in the events and access the learning material from anywhere.
E-commerce: Online retailers use live and on-demand streaming to present products, conduct demonstrations and answer customer questions. This creates an interactive shopping experience and increases customer engagement.
Community events: Live and on-demand streaming can be used for weddings, religious ceremonies, conferences, meetups and other events to allow users who cannot attend on-site to watch the events remotely from anywhere.