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Evidence Recorder / Omnichannel Recorder

Evidence, Activity, Monitoring and Compliance Recording System

The XentauriX Evidence Recorder is the perfect debriefing recorder: it is designed for analysing and documentation of practice courses, trainings and workshops. Beyond this our Evidence Recorder is in use for monitoring of audiovisual and electronic communication systems at many different training facilities, such as simulation centres, command centres, and control rooms. During the monitored trainings, the system is primarily used for debriefing, analysis of behaviour and communication of and among training participants.

Powerful Debriefing Recorder

All audio-visual information can be captured by the automated and gapless recording of all connected video cameras and microphones. Events can be annotated with bookmarks during or after recording. The Evidence Recorder can handle synchronous telephone calls, radiotelephony, television and radio content, desktop content of connected monitors and also data provided by third-party systems. The recording system can be run manually, during user defined preset times or continuously (24/7).

Evidence Recorder

XENTAURIX Evidence Recorder is mainly used for:

  • Contact Call Centres
  • Law Courts
  • Situation Rooms
  • Control Rooms
  • Training Centres
  • Simulation Centres >>more


  • Multi-channel, multi-source, multi-cross recording und monitoring system, expandable and capable for modernization at any time
  • Highly redundant with failback function
  • Processing of various signal sources such as video cameras (IP, HD-SDI, analog); Line, telephone calls, microphones, radio (analog, IP); monitor screens via VGA/DVI/HDMI splitter, encoder, or thin-client software; meta data like marker, bookmarks, keyboard scripts, speech recognition, data from third-party systems; TV via DVB, SDI, ASI, HDMI or IP; Radio via AM/FM inputs or via DVB/IP/analog
  • Recording video and audio in broadcast quality
  • Synchronization with third-party systems is possible, i.e. start/stop, forward and rewind, exercise name and markers via TCP interface
  • Template-driven recording. Only signals that are relevant for the exercise are being recorded
  • Complete control via an intuitive touch control surface (favorites/layout changes, headset and Hotspot selection with the swipe of a finger)
  • Infrared and white light lighting and video cameras are automatically adjusted to the respective light and practice situation
  • Streaming live pictures and recordings is possible on all popular mobile devices