XENTAURIX Modules & Tools


With the MULTIVIEWER software tool, a XENTAURIX system can be expanded to multiview display (display splitting or screen splitting). Multiple real-time TV, radio and video signals can be displayed on one or more monitors. The mosaic size and positioning of the signal sources can be configured and saved individually for each monitor in the MULTIVIEWER layout. The decoding PC can also be selected in the MULTIVIEWER configuration. The decoding and display of the signals on the monitor(s) is carried out via mini PCs, which are usually attached behind the monitors as NUCs with Vesa brackets. Up to 64 channels (depending on the bandwidth and signal source) can be displayed per monitor with up to 8 audio bars per channel, channel name, time, date (local + GMT) and mosaic clock symbol. Audio signal losses are signaled both visually and acoustically. The number of monitors that can be combined to form a video wall is virtually unlimited.

The MULTIVIEWER is included as a standard software tool in the XENTAURIX software and can therefore be used free of charge.

TV Audience Analytics

The XENTAURIX Rating Analyzer module provides marketing, media, advertising and broadcast companies with a state-of-the-art query and editing medium for analyzing TV programs in connection with viewer ratings. The basis for the program analysis are viewer ratings, as provided by e.g. GfK, Nielsen, Gallup TNS etc. and processed in the XentauriX system.

Automatic Advertising Recognition

With the X-Ad module, commercials on TV, radio and webcasts are automatically detected and stored near real-time. The commercials including program information and statistical data can be accessed via the XENTAURIX® Dashboard. The display and playback of commercials and commercial breaks is done via mouse click from the overview list, via slider function, program timeline or storyboard. The multiscreen function in the dashboard can be used to play back several broadcast channels synchronously, e.g. to monitor commercials simultaneously on different stations.

Automatic Music Recognition in TV, Radio and Webcasts

The X-Music module enables automated music track recognition in TV and radio stations as well as social media livestreams, based on a database with currently well over 100 million music tracks that is constantly updated. Music titles are recognized within a few seconds and displayed and stored on the XENTAURIX dashboard with channel name, title, artist, duration, day and time. The module also detects background music in posts, commercials, etc. By means of filtering, e.g. hit lists can be created or music titles can be searched for specifically via selected channels.

Speech-to-Text Recognition

The XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger enables automatic transcription of speech to text (speech-to-text, or S2T for short) in 24/7 mode, timer mode, and when creating video and audio clips. The X-S2T module automatically processes over 50 different languages (optional with direct translation into target languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Chinese etc.), is resistant to accents, background noise and technical words, and also masters punctuation, spelling, and capitalization.

All transcribed words are stored with time code and other metadata in the database of the Media & Broadcast Logger system, so that they are displayed broadcast-synchronously during playback. The search engine and filter functions integrated in the logger can be used to search specifically for words, word combinations in specifiable time periods and channels in the recorded content. The results list displays the searched word or word combinations together with the context. With a mouse click the results can be started and verified together with the video or audio-only recording.


Content Recognition with Artificial Intelligence

With the XENTAURIX module “X-Smart Media”, audio-visual information is automatically identified with the support of artificial intelligence. The AI generates a wide range of intelligent metadata. These enable comprehensive search capabilities and content recognition of faces, people, objects, locations, styles, sounds, languages, brands, sports events, audience responses and more.

Closed Captions and Subtitles

The X-CC module extracts subtitles and closed captions from the TV signal and synchronizes them with recordings as data. This gives you an easy way to index the video according to speech, if the Closed Captions are used for subtitling the speech.

TS & Proxy Monitoring & Recording

With the X-TS module, Native MPEG DVB and TS-IP streams with high resolution are synchronously recorded alongside the low resolution (LR) MPEG-4 recording channel. In combination with the LR MPEG4 recording, this combination allows users to perform frame-accurate editing and exporting of TS clips and snapshots through the LR MPEG-4 format.

Multiple Input Devices

The standard input signals of XENTAURIX systems are M/SPTS IP streams (UDP/TCP/RTP). In addition, the system can process DVB-S/T/C and FM/AM/DAB radio through fully integrated receivers (with decryption) as well as SD/HD-SDI, ASI, analog video/audio and IP streams.

Multi Audio Support

The X-MultiAudio module proceeds encoding, recording and streaming of additional audio channels within a video feed, depending on type of signal source.

Loudness Monitoring according to EBU R128 | ITU BS1770-2

The X-Loudness Monitoring tool controls compliances measurement of audio levels according to EBU R128 and ITU BS1770-2. This tool is included free of charge in the standard XENTAURIX software.

QoS: TR101|290 and other Tools

X-TR101 With this free module, errors of DVB Transport Stream parameters can be displayed. The module can be combined with other modules such as Player etc. for one or more transponders/transmitters on the XENTAURIX dashboard and can also be displayed for a large number of channels on separate web pages.

X-VALD The free, integrated tool checks functions such as video loss, frozen video, low audio levels and audio loss in accordance with EBU R128 and ITU BS1770-2 and automatically reports when set parameters fail or are exceeded or undercut.

Operating status: The XENTAURIX HTML5-based administration level provides a variety of function and log displays of a XENTAURIX system for a clear presentation of component and system functionalities. Selected HTML5 pages are displayed on large monitors in control rooms for QoS control.

Social Media Recording

Social Media Livestream Recording

Social media platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, SnapChat and TikTok are increasingly used for livestreaming interactive content. The importance for video marketing is immense, especially since the prompt reaction to user comments increases the popularity of livestreams many times over video-on-demand. However, livestreams are also used for the distribution of right-wing extremist and terrorist content.

Interested parties for the content monitoring of social media livestreams are recruited from the fields of market research, media monitoring, media regulatory authorities and even law enforcement organisations. The XENTAURIX Media & Broadcast Logger or alternatively the XENTAURIX Cloud Service is used to monitor, record and analyze the livestream content. The selected channels are permanently monitored by the XENTAURIX Logger. As soon as a channel goes live and streams, the recording is automatically started and stopped after the stream ends. Using the integrated instant replay function of the XENTAURIX HTML5 Dashboards Web Player, clients can navigate between live and recording to directly cut, edit and export video clips and snapshots including comments.

Monitor, Record and Analyse Websites

Websites can also be monitored, recorded and analysed with the XENTAURIX system. The recording takes place at cyclical intervals, depending on the scope of the web pages. Tracking makes it possible to identify changes in the pages; pages deleted by the provider can be called up in the records.