XENTAURIX Media Recorder

Multi-channel activity and event recording system

In order to track and improve event, operational and communication processes in increasingly demanding and complex multi-system environments such as control centers, command centers, air traffic control centers, situation centers or simulation facilities, it is necessary to record the processes audiovisually including relevant data in real time. Recording of processes is also of great advantage in training facilities and in the field of advanced training. The system documents what happens during events and training situations, the activities of operators, interactions between people and systems, and is used to analyze and improve communication, prevention measures, decision-making and process flows. Without analysis of the records, debriefing is limited.

The recorder systems are used in:

  • Training & Education Facilities
  • Control Centers
  • Command Centers
  • Situation Rooms
  • Simulator Training Facilities
  • Air Traffic Control Centers
  • Call Centers

Multi-channel, Multi-source Media Recorder

XENTAURIX Media Recorders process audiovisual signals from various devices such as video cameras, microphones, audio from voice radio, telephones, video walls, work and process monitors, TV, radio, web livestreams as well as metadata such as bookmarks, markers or data from third-party systems. The system streams and stores all individual signals (data) synchronously in real time. Events can be marked during or after recording and can be retrieved during recording via instant play function. The system architecture allows system sizes from a few to hundreds of channels.

The XENTAURIX Media Recorder processes signal sources from:

  • Video cameras (IP, HD-SDI, HDMI, analog)
  • Web cameras (IP)
  • Microphones, telephones, voice radio
  • Line (analog, IP)
  • Monitor screens via VGA / DVI / HDMI splitter, encoder or thin client software
  • Metadata like markers, bookmarks, EPG, subtitles, data from third party systems
  • Radio via AM / FM inputs or via DVB / IP / analogue
  • TV via DVB / SDI / ASI as well as IP streams
  • Web TV live streams
  • External signal and process data

AI Video Analysis

The optional available AI Video Analysis sees and hears what’s inside videos to detect explicit content e.g. sensuality, violence, injuries and threats, accidents and disasters, substance use, guns and weapons. The AI content analysis also understands spoken bad language, as well as sensitive content topics like social issues. The detected criteria are displayed in the metadata list of the XENTAURIX HTML5 Dashboard, stored in the XENTAURIX database and the cross-linked video can be directly or later evaluated. https://youtu.be/k32zE6Amoss


  • Improve operational processes by analyzing training actions and analyzing events
  • “On the fly” analysis through instant replay and timeshift playback without interruption of recording
  • Integration of third-party systems such as ship simulators with synchronous recording and playback
  • No limit on channels or specific number of signal sources
  • Highest operational reliability and associated availability through system redundancy
  • Live and playback streaming to authorized clients