Worldwide availability of TV content, live or time-shifted retrieval. Applicable on all devices
IPTV OTT TV service live + time-shifted. Complete solution, modular structure. Quick installation

Solution For Live And Catch-Up TV Services

XENTAURIX StreamToGo offers a fully featured solution for live and catch-up TV services. Simply connect your video feeds, subscribe your users and you are ready to broadcast! XENTAURIX StreamToGo is designed for rapid deployment of OTT services with integrated user interfaces to use right out of the box. Fully customisable open APIs allow integration with your web properties, subscriber management and billing systems.

Modular Design, Truly Scalable

XENTAURIX features audience analytics, providing feedback on individual subscriber viewing trends to enable personalised TV services and monetisation advertising opportunities. XENTAURIX is available in both Cloud and on-premise implementation options allowing services to be flexible to your budget availability, minimising your investment whilst maximising your time to profitability. XENTAURIX is truly scalable from 1 to 1,000s of channels all centrally managed, logged and watched over by the easy to use management platform.