TV-Spot Monitoring Service

TV commercials are attention-grabbing, offer plenty of scope for impressive, concise advertising messages and are designed to reach targeted audiences through their staging. In order to evaluate the strength of your own advertising message, it is equally important to analyse the media performance of your competitors. This is possible with our TV spot monitoring via our XENTAURIX Cloud Service.

What XENTAURIX TV-Spot Monitoring Service offers

The XENTAURIX TV-Spot Monitoring Service offers a fully automatic detection of advertisings from the booked broadcast portfolio. The advertisings are detected in near real time with the brand, display duration, TV channel title as well as available in various tabular overviews. The analysis and playback takes place as a Cloud Service, accessible via the Internet with the client-side XENTAURIX dashboard. The special feature of our TV-Spot Monitoring Service is that the broadcast content of all to be evaluated channels is completely recorded for the duration of the monitoring, including all meta data such as programme information (EPG), subtitles and teletext. This provides video monitoring of the broadcast TV-Spots, commercial breaks with the running TV programme. The dashboard can display several TV channels synchronously for analysis.

Optionally, an audience rating analysis can be displayed synchronously with the TV-Spot Monitoring Service.

Media Broadcast Logger System für Bildübertragung + Tonübertragung in Media, Rundfunk und Fernsehen

Easy to use, results at a glance

In the dashboard, various evaluation tools are available which the client can arrange individually and save in different representations. The HTML-5 dashboard is compatible with Edge, Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers and can therefore be accessed locally and mobile from PCs, notebooks and tablets.

Time-shifted analysis

The TV spots to be watched are displayed in the dashboard near real time and listed continuously. The playback of recorded TV spots is done via mouse click from the overview list, via slider function from the programme timeline of the TV channel(s) or via the story board. Multiple TV channels can be displayed synchronously.

Sendenachweis, Mitschnitt, Wettbewerbsanalyse in Standardversion, erweitert als professional Version

Can be combined with audience ratings

An audience rating analysis can be booked as an option for the TV-Spot Monitoring Service. Viewer ratings (number of men and women divided into age groups) as well as viewer migration and affinities are displayed synchronously with the broadcasting time and thus with the advertising blocks. For the first time it is possible with our monitoring service to combine TV advertising and viewer ratings to get an actual ratings feedback.

XENTAURIX® Cloud Service

In the XENTAURIX data centre, more than 100 TV channels as well as a multitude of Web TV and social media livestreaming channels are permanently hosted and can be used for the TV- Spot Monitoring Service. Customized channels not included in the broadcast portfolio can be added.

Highlights of XENTAURIX TV-Spot Monitoring Service

  • Automatic detection, display and playback of TV spots and their commercial breaks across a wide range of TV channels, statistical analysis, search functions, can be combined with EPG and teletext information.
  • Synchronous, clear display of which TV spots ran at which time on which channels.
  • Can be combined with viewer ratings analysis.
  • Clear display in the HTML5 dashboard. The dashboards layout can be individually created and saved.

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